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Anne Alyse Ostis

Anne Alyse culminates over 25 years of experience as a therapeutic massage practitioner to give a session that helps correct structural imbalances in the body and aids in mental and emotional re-balancing.  Often it is the intention in sessions to allow a calm space for relaxing the nervous system and replenishing the body's essential energy.  For this reason these sessions are usually quiet.  They include mild energy work and re-balancing.  She uses organic jojoba oil and essential oils for optimal care of the skin and the senses.  Her focus is to help you leave her office feeling light, easy and relaxed.  When feeling off balance, you will walk away with a renewed sense of balance and clarity.  Sessions are customized to fit your needs

  • Medium to deep tissue Shiatsu and pressure point therapy to create long lasting relief from discomfort and pain. 
  • Cranial  re-structuring which helps to correct the effects of head trauma, migraines, neck pain, shoulder tightness and tension in general (Certified in Holographic Cranial work with Dr. Doug Mitchell). 
  • Correction of Structural imbalances in the body. 
  • Effective Relief for neck, shoulder, back and hip pain. 
  • Intuitve Healer

For any questions contact Anne Alyse: (408) 691-7694 annealyse@losgatosacupuncture.com


Empower your own healing abilities

Shawna Ristic

Shawna Ristic is a body therapist and intuitive healer. She began her path as a healer following a Near Death Experience in 1993 and has since trained in many healing modalities, including Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Neuralmobilization, Pregnancy and Infant Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and many pscycho-somatic and spiritual techniques. In addition, she has a Master’s degree in Communication from l’Université Paul Valèry, France and has been Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 1997. Shawna uses acute awareness of postural alignment and knowledge of anatomy to assess your physical structure and indicate where to begin on the body. Then, using her diverse knowledge of structural, psychological and spiritual techniques, along with intuitive perception and the assistance of a spiritual council, she addresses the underlying causes of dis-ease. Shawna's goal is empowerment. She strives to awaken you to your own innate ability to heal. 

Please schedule directly with Shawna:


shawnaristic@gmail.com 785-691-6639

Shawna Ristic is a body therapist and intuitive healer at Los Gatos Acupuncture in Los Gatos, CA.

Shawna Ristic is a body therapist and intuitive healer at Los Gatos Acupuncture in Los Gatos, CA.